Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a load of washing cost?

This depends on which washer you are using.

  • 8kg washer is $5 per load
  • 14kg washer is $9 per load
  • 18kg washer is $12 per load

How do I use the washers and dryers?

Please refer to our operating instructions which shows step by step instructions for each of the washers and dryers in our laundromat.

Do I need to bring my own soap powder?

Soap powder sachets are available for purchase in the laundromat ($1 per sachet). If you prefer you can bring your own soap powder.

Do you have large washing machines for quilts, blankets and rugs?


What do I do if a machine won’t work?

You can contact us here and we will send someone to check it out.

Can you change notes to coins in the laundromat?

Yes, a change machine is provided.